Nutritional Supplements And a Healthy Lifestyle

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The only marketplace in Europe focused on nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle
We will help make your company / brand visible
It will help increase your sales
We sell throughout Europe
Convenient use via a mobile application with notifications
Order history
Your coupons and gift vouchers
Detailed instructions on how to do it
Low fees

The only marketplace in Europe focused on nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle
We will help make your company / brand visible
It will help increase your sales
We sell throughout Europe
Convenient use via a mobile application with notifications
Order history
Your coupons and gift vouchers
Detailed instructions on how to do it
Low fees

– The seller must be a sole proprietor or a company
– Must have a warehouse in Europe
-Goods in stock
-You must sell online
-Each seller must have:
Store Policies
Shipping Policy
Refund Policy
Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy
-You must be able to send the goods no later than 2 working days after the order status changes to PROCESSING – the payment is already paid then (in case of a holiday, please inform your store)
– Send each shipment with the tracking number and link that you assign to the order

           ( All settings and instructions can be found in the FAQ section )

In , you will only pay for each product sold. Commission is 8% of sales.

Allowed product categories and their subcategories are:

Vitamin & Minerals,Fat Burners,Healthy Foods(fitness foods) , Proteins, CBD, Amino Acids, Joint Supplements, Healthy Fats, Creatine, Stimulants, Testosterone Support, Sexual Health, Healthy Cosmetics, Regeneration and Injuries accesories, Martial Arts accesories, Exercises and Workout accesories..

creation of a new product category, contact us here

Expired goods, Drugs, alcohol, weapons, tobacco products, toys, live animals, clothing other than exercise clothing,tools.
Products containing prohibited substances (check which substances are prohibited in your country and in the countries where you want to sell)
Also, you may not sell illegal or illegally traded products, as well as products that are prohibited in your country.



I am already a registered customer



New registration “Become a vendor” link in My-account page as shown below:

Verification option enabled form screenshot:


Once the code is entered along with relevant details, they can move to step 2.

After submitting the form, either the vendor can directly enter their dashboard, or they will have to wait for final approval from the admin.


On being approved and clicking on Dashboard link ( shown in step 2),  the vendors will be promoted to setup the store by a setup-wizard, here they can enter payment details, store policies etc step-wise manner as shown below.


Here’s a glimpse of Vendor Dashboard which can be seen after the registration and setup process is completed!


Set your personal data, contact data, payment, etc
After successful verification by the Admin, you can publish a maximum of 3 products, for more products it is necessary to upload your documents


Vendor verification section, upload your documents #

The vendors needs their store verified to get benefits outlined by admin and to get better sales! Followed by the configurations done by the admin, the vendors can fill up their necessary details/documents to get their store verified.

As a seller/vendor, you will find the verification option from the profile as shown below:

Once a vendor “Prompts” for verification, then admin will be notified about this. There is a “prompt verification” option which has to be enabled for triggering the verification request to admin as shown below:

For companies, please choose one of your IDs and a document that you are authorized to act on behalf of the company and its business ID

After successful verification, you can add an unlimited number of products, you will receive a notification and a verified vendor badge,

Go to profile / additional infoor go to Settings/Store invoice/


Regarding the new order, you will receive a notification by
-notification to your store on
-mobile application


Selling and shipping to other countries is prohibited, if you think there is a country missing, write to us.

1 The order is on hold (we verify the customer’s address) 2 Customer address verified, pending payment3 Payment received from the customer, time to send the package. Don’t forget to enter the tracking number and link4 The order has already been with the customer, you can request payment.

Complaints, Returns, Withdrawals

We recommend that you download the mobile application for faster work with /adding products/new orders/complaints/withdrawals and etc.

Vendors will be able to check their pending withdrawal amount and claim them by clicking on the withdrawal button here:  Vendor Dashboard >> Payments>> withdrawal 

On clicking the “withdrawal” button vendor will be redirected to Withdrawal request page shown below and select the orders for which they want to claim the amount.

Once the “request” button is clicked, admin gets notified about the claim and can either approve or reject the request.

Vendors can check the transactions of their account from the following page here: bodyvit Vendor Dashboard >> Payments. The details of the transactions like invoice Id, order Id, amount, charges, payment amount, mode of transaction can be viewed from this table here:

The minimum withdrawal is €20, withdrawal is possible 14 days after the completed order to protect the customer.

The fee for each withdrawal is €0.30

We recommend that you download the mobile application for faster work with /adding products/new orders/complaints/withdrawals and etc.

-If the customer wants to return the product, he must notify the seller and within 12 days of delivery via the contact form, you can return the product undamaged (unpacked in the case of nutritional supplements) within 30 calendar days. He will send it to the seller’s address. The seller’s money for the claimed order will be withheld until the dispute is resolved. Only the money of the specific order will be withheld.

-If the customer complains about your order, he will write you a message about which you will receive a notification in your store, or if you use a mobile application, it will be displayed directly on your device.

You can respond to a complaint by clicking on the complaint number or on support.


Use your own photos and videos.
Add detailed photos.
If the product has allergens, be sure to mention it.
Make regular discounts or use coupons.
Communication with the customer, quick response = sold goods.
Use the Vendor application (faq/vendor application)
Try to present your product better than the competition, provide more detailed information, dimensions, weight, quantities, ingredients, mixtures, description etc.
-Help your fellow customers by telling us what you found to be the strengths and weaknesses of this product.

  • Focus your review on the product itself. Please do not comment on other people’s reviews, other manufacturers, etc.
  • HTML is not allowed in reviews
  • Please be civil and refrain from profanity and inflammatory language
  • We reserve the right not to post your review at our discretion

Submissions that do not follow our review guidelines will not be posted.

We recommend that you download the mobile application for faster work with /adding products/new orders/complaints/withdrawals and etc.

We recommend that you download the mobile application for faster work with /adding products/new orders/complaints/withdrawals and etc.

Step 1



Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 10. Submint

1-To set one price for all variants, go to /Product/Variations/Variations Bulk Options – set: Pricing/Regular Prices , set price(example 99.99) / OK/ submint

2-To set one discounted price for all variants, go to /Product/Variations/Variations Bulk Options – set: Inventory/Sale prices, set price(example 79.99) / OK/ Submint

3- To set one discounted price for all variants, go to /Product/Variations/Variations Bulk Options – set: Inventory/In Stock/Submint

4- If you want to set the same amount of goods in a category for all variants, go to/Product/Variations/Variations Bulk Options – set: Inventory/Stock,enter the quantity/OK/submint

Allowing your vendor to sell other vendor’s products.

In general, we call this “single product multiple vendor”.

Your vendors will have a menu for this “Add to My Store

Vendors will see all products from other vendors and admin here.

Then may add any product to their store from here.

They may even products in “Bulk” to their store.

Vendors will have a button “Add to My Store” when they will browse other vendors’ product page.

Now, they just have to click on this and that product copied to the vendor’s product list.

Vendor may edit anything of this product copied product, nothing will change in original product.

If you do  not want to have this module then you just have to disable “Product Multivendor” module from WCFM Admin Setting -> Modules

If you do not want to have “Add to My Store Catalog” under your vendor’s dashboard, then there is a separate module option for this.

For a product if it has more than one seller then a “More Offer” tab will be added at it’s tabbed area.

It will show other offers for this product from different stores.

There is a short code for this as well

You may add this any where at single product page to show different offers  for the product from different stores.

Download : WCFM Store Manager
Site url:

APP Download & Install

Well, Store Manager APP is available both for Android and IOS and it’s totally FREE.

For Android: You may download this from Google Play Store to your android mobile very easily. You just have to go into Google Play Store app and search for “WCFM Store Manager“.

Now, Install this to your phone.

For IOS: Similar to android version, go to Apple app store from you iphone, write “WCFM Store manager” here and you will get the following screen as shown below:

Then you can install the same by pressing the ” open” button as shown here:

Now, this APP is already in your phone, option it. You will see a login form with three fields –

  • Site URL –
  • Username/email – vendor user name
  • Password – vendor user password

APP Modules

After login to the APP you will see Store Manager APP dashboard with it’s all components. You may go to other sections from here.

Available Modules –

  • Products Listing
  • Products Manage (Edit Basic Details)
  • Products Add (Simple Products )
  • Orders Listing
  • Order Status Update
  • Bookings
  • Booking Status Update
  • Enquiry
  • Enquiry Reply
  • Review View
  • Reviews Approve/Reject
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Media


Vendors will see all their products under APP product section as shown below. They can also search for a particular product from the available search bar in the product listing section.

Clicking on any of the above products will allow the vendors to edit some important fields for the products such as Name, price, stock, product feature image, SKU, categories as shown below.

As seen in the above image, a vendor can do the following functions from the edit product page:

  • Edit the name of the product.
  • Edit catalog visibility.
  • Manage price.
  • Manage stock quantity.
  • Assign categories for the product.
  • Select feature image for the product.


Order section will show list orders for their products and related details at a glance such as – order id, product(s) purchased, earnings, data & time, order status, customer name as shown below.

Once clicked on any of the order(s) the vendors will be able to see the detailed information of the order as shown below:

As seen from above, vendors can perform a number of functions and view information of the order which are briefly discussed below:

a. Change/manage or update the order status as seen here-

b. View Billing details of the customer.

c. View the ordered items in details

d. View shipping details and cost:

e. View order total.

f. Vendors can also add note and upload an attachment along with the note as shown below from the app

They can keep the note as private or send it to customer as required, this can be selected from the dropdown as shown below-


Well, if you are running a booking marketplace using WC Bookings plugin, then your vendors will have Booking section to check their product’s bookings. Here’s how they will see the list of all bookings in the app.

Upon clicking on these Bookings, vendors will be redirected booking details page as shown below:

Here are the functions which vendors can perform in details page via the app-

a. See order details and change the status of the Booking as shown below:


Enquiry section will show all enquiries for vendor’s products and his store.


Vendors also check their sales overview report from sales report section –

  • Current week sales stat
  • Current month sales stat
  • Previous month sales stat

APP Notification

Notification is most important part of this. Vendors will receive all notifications to their phone as general Android notification.

They may also check notification details from Store Manager – Enquiry section


This section allows your vendors to upload images for their products and store them accordingly. Checkout the Media screen available from the screenshot below and you will find “+” button using which Vendors can add images.

Vendor(s) have to enable the shipping option from here: Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping  and set the processing time, after this they are prompted to select the shipping type which is globally set by the admin, from here the vendor has to opt for “Shipping by zone” as shown in the screenshot below:Once shipping by zone type is selected, the vendor gets the same zones as set by admin reflected in their dashboard here: Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping-> Shipping by zone. These shipping zones can be configured by the vendor as per the required by clicking on “Edit” as shown below:Clicking on edit will redirect the vendors to edit-zone page from where they can select country states and postcode ( if applicable ) for the selected zone to enforce the shipping rules.To add shipping methods, the vendor have to click on the “Add shipping Method” option:Clicking this will show a pop-up which will prompt the vendor to select the shipping method from the following option:a. Flat rate b. Local pickup c. Free shippingLet’s discuss each of these shipping methods categorically-a.Flat rate shipping: Flat Rate Shipping is a shipping method that allows you define a standard rate per item, per shipping class ( * discussed below) or per order, here’s a step-wise guide on how the vendors can setup flat rate method for their individual store.Step i ) Select Flat rate from the given dropdown show in Pic:Once you add this shipping method, it will be listed in edit zone page as shown below. As a next step, you will have to click on “Edit” button ( as shown below) to configure the flat rate methodLet’s discuss the above fields in brief:Method title: Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout.Cost: Vendors can add additional costs per item to this field. This can be left blank to disable Flat Rate except where costs are added for Shipping Classes. Note that what you enter here may factor into the overall cost in the Shipping Classes section unless it’s left blank.Following are the place-holders which are to be kept in mind while entering the cost:[qty] – Number of products in the cart [fee] – An additional fee. This fee has two optional arguments.percent – A percentage based on total order cost. min_fee – A minimum amount. Useful when using percentages. max_fee – A maximum amount. Useful when using percentages.Example: 20 + ( 3 * [qty] ) – A base shipping cost of $20 plus $3 for each item in the cart.15 + [fee percent=”5″ min_fee=”2″] – A base shipping cost of $15 plus 5% of the order total, which is at least $2. Tax Status – Define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount.Shipping class cost: If you have shipping classes, the interface adds a few more fields as shown in the above pic. These costs can be optionally entered based on the shipping class set per product( This cost will be added with the shipping cost above).Cost of shipping class “X”- Enter the cost for a particular shipping class setup by admin. No shipping class cost- Useful if you use the Per Class option. Otherwise, use the Cost field. Calculation Type – Two options: Per Order – Picks the most expensive option based on shipping costs in the cart. Per Class – Charges shipping for each shipping class.Step 3 : Once the above options are filled, save the above changes via clicking on “Save method settings” button.b.Free shipping: This shipping method allows the vendor to set the threshold amount above which the shipping will be free. Here’s how the vendors will be able to setup the same:Step i) Add free shipping method from the “Add shipping method” drop down.Step ii) After saving this method, you can click on edit and fill up the following fields from the pop-up appearing.Here’s again a brief manual for the fields:Method title: This title will be  displayed to customers in checkout. Minimum order amount : Here the vendors can enter the threshold value above which the shipping will be free. Description: You can enter the description of the rate hereStep iii) : Save the above changes via clicking on “Save method settings” button.c.Local pickup: Local Pickup is a method that allows the customer to pick up the order themselves.The vendors can configure the relative tax and cost from here. This is how the vendors can configure Local pickup options for their store.Step i) Add Local pickup method from the “Add shipping method” drop down.Step ii) Similar to the above methods, after saving this you will have to click on the edit option for configuring the same. Once “Edit” option is clicked, the vendors will get a pop-up similar to this below:Here’s a briefing on the above fields:Method title:  This title will be  displayed to customers in checkout. Cost: Enter the cost for the option. Tax status: Define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount. Description: Allows the vendor to describe the option hereStep iii) : Save the above changes via clicking on “Save method settings” button.
The vendors can also configure the distance shipping rates from their Dashboard here:Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping -> Select “Shipment by Distance”Note that this option will only be available to the vendors only if “Shipping by Distance” globally enabled by Admin globally.To work with distance rate shipping vendor’s location is essential. So be sure, vendors has their location using map from their setting -> Location

The vendors can also configure the shipping rates related to country from their Dashboard here:

 Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping -> Select “Shipment by country”

Note that this option will only be available to the vendors if it’s enabled by Admin globally for the vendors.

Once Shipping by country option is selected, the vendors will be able to see the following options:

The above options will allow the vendors to set the shipping rates for specific countries and their correlated states.

The vendors can also configure their shipping rates related to weight and these  values will overwrite the data entered by the admin in their settings. They can do the same from here:  Vendor Dashboard-> Settings-> Shipping-> Set shipping type to shipping by weight.  

Once Shipping type is selected as “Shipping by weight” then the vendors will be able to see all the options similar to those provided to the admin. There they can set specific country, cost, weight rule, cost etc.

You may set catalog options from product manager very easily.

You may hide “Add to Cart” and “Price” for the product. If you hide either product will automatically listed in Catalog Mode, you don’t have to do anything else.

Product will listed as per your setup and additionally “Ask A Question” button added.

Customers may ask any query instantly. Admin and vendor of the product both notified via Email and  Inquiry notification.

Admin or Vendor can very easily add their reply for a query from here.

It also comes with another option called “Is Private” – if you enabled this for any enquiry then it will no longer listed under single product page Enquiries tab.

When you are done with your reply just click “Notify Customer” and save it. Customer of that enquiry will have your reply in their email automatically.

If you think some additional thing will make this feature more useful feel free to know us anytime.

Bodyvit vendors to set their store’s open and closing hours. They may also set week off days.

If you are running a restaurant marketplace then this feature is essential for you, what you say!

Vendors are allowed to setup their store opening/closing hours from WCFM Dashboard -> Setting -> Store Hours Tab

Setting Options –

  • Enable/Disable – Whether they want to enable store hours or not
  • Disable Purchase During OFF Time – Whether they want to purchase during store close time
  • Week OFF – Weekly off days

Daily Opening & Closing Hours – Daily store opening and closing hours

You will have flexibility to set your front-end product manager view. Category / Taxonomy widgets can be placed differently. Take a look:

This is your category / taxonomy widgets default view – Checklist View. You can’t search and select categories from here but have view of all categories. Main categories are by default visible and sub-categories will toggle – very useful for long list of categories.

If your store has too mane same name sub-categories then this is must.

A very simple setting will change your front-end product manager category widget view. You will have this settings under  Dashboard -> Settings -> Dashboard as Admin login.

By switching the setting you will have this new view – Flat View. You may choose product categories or custom taxonomies using Search Selector Box very easily. also allows the vendors to configure coupon for their store. In addition to the global coupons which are declared by the admin, the vendors can specifically create coupons for their store if the capability is given ( as shown above).

Similar to Admin, the vendors can add their coupon from here: Vendor Dashboard-> Coupons-> Add new ( as shown in the screenshot below)

In the same manner, for editing the present coupons, you can click on the existing coupon ( from the list) or click on the edit option under “Action” column.

Clicking on Add/edit option will redirect you to Edit/Add coupon page as shown below:

Similar to Admin settings, let’s discuss the feasibility provided to the vendors for Coupons by Bodyvit

General Settings:These include the basic settings provided to the vendor for configuring coupons for their stores, here’s a screenshot of the options available along with brief description of each:

a. Code: Vendors can provide the name of the coupon for their store.

b. Description: Vendors can enter the description of the coupon here.

c. Discount Type: Vendors can select the type of discount from the drop-down option provided here. Note that unlike admin, vendors have 2 discount types options which can be declared for their store, namely- percentage discount and fixed product discount.

d. Coupon amount: Here, vendors can apply the value of the coupon which is to be declared.

e. Coupon Expiry date: Vendors can set expiry date of the coupon from here.

f. Allow free shipping: Check this option if the coupon grants free shipping, ensure that “Free shipping method” must be enabled and configured as required.

g. Show on store: Checking this option will allow the vendors to display the coupon in their store page. It has to be ensured that the vendor store coupon widget is set properly in the sidebar as discussed in admin section.

Restriction settings: Similar to admin, these settings will allow the vendors to configure rules for the published coupons for their store. Here’s a screenshot of the section and the details of the options provided.

a. Minimum spend: This option allows the vendor to set the minimum subtotal needed to use the coupon in their store.

Note that the amount = Cart total +tax

b. Maximum spend : This allows the vendor to set the maximum subtotal allowed when using the coupon.

c. Individual use only: Checking this box will ensure that this coupon is not used with other coupons declared by the vendor.

d. Exclude sale items: Vendors can check the box if they don’t want this coupon to be applied against the products on sale in their store

e. Products: Vendors can set here the products of their store on which the coupon can be applied.

f. Exclude product: Vendors can set the products of their store upon which the coupon cannot be applied.

g. Product categories: Vendors can select the product categories of their store upon which the coupon can be applied, or that need to be in the cart in order for the coupon to be applied.

h. Exclude categories: Vendors can set the product categories of their store upon which the coupon will not be applied, or that cannot be in the cart in order for the coupon to be applied.

i.Email restrictions: Here the vendors can set a list of Email addresses that can use a coupon, verified against customer’s billing email. Use a comma to separate the emails.

Limit: This tab will allow the vendor(s) to add usage limits against the declared coupons. Here’s a screengrab of the functions available under this tab along with descriptions, for better understanding:

a. Usage limit per coupon: Vendor(s) can set here the number of times this coupon can be used before it becomes invalid.

b. Limit usage to X items: This will allow the vendors to set the number of items against which coupon can be applied to before being invalid.

c. Usage Limit per user: Set the number of times a coupon can be used by each customer before being invalid for that customer.


Both Admin can Vendors can delete the coupons from their respective Dashboard from Coupon Listing page: Admin/Vendor Dashboard -> Coupons by click on the “Delete” icon under the actions column as shown below:

ShipStation is a web-based shipping service that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers, handling everything from order import and batch label creation to customer communication. ShipStation is a great fit for businesses with any number of users or locations.

Our ShipStation integration will help your marketplace vendors to get their orders from WooCommerce with ShipStation and expedite the shipping process as part of their order fulfillment steps.

Go to Settings/Store invoice

Example – Invoice No Prefix  – 2022

Invoice No. Sufix   – 10

Invoice No. Digit – 6

=Invoice number 202210000001

Go to your Profile /Your Store/Payments

Make sure the Withdrawal is completed / Click on the invoice icon

Click on the order number in which you want to edit the tracking number

click mark shipped / correct tracking number / submit

Select the product you want to recommend to another product (for example, you sell a watch and recommend a battery for it)
go to My store/products/ select recommended product/ inventory/SKU (your product code) copy the code

Find the product to which you want to associate the copied product, edit product/linked/up-sells and paste (write) the product code .

Please check if the brand you want to add is not already in the list

Go to My Profile/ Store manager /products/add new/

Brands- select brand or add new brand/ add

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